Department of Physics and Medical Engineering


Vitalii Dugaev, DSc, PhD (e-mail:

Jarosław Pszczoła, DSc, PhD

Associate Professors:

Henryka Czyż, DSc, PhD (e-mail:
Czesław Jasiukiewicz, DSc, PhD (e-mail:
Tomasz Więcek, DSc, PhD (e-mail:

Other academic teachers

Assistant Professors:

dr Violetta Bednarska-Buczek, PhD
Michał Inglot, PhD (e-mail:
Dorota Jakubczyk, PhD (e-mail: 
Tomasz Masłowski, PhD 
Nicholas Sedlmayr, PhD
Ryszard Stagraczyński, PhD (e-mail:
Stefan Stagraczyński, PhD
Tomasz Szczepański
, PhD (e-mail:
Mariusz Trybus, PhD (e-mail: 
Andrzej Wasilewski, PhD (e-mail: 
Sławomir Wolski, PhD (e-mail:
Gawł Żyła, PhD (e-mail:


Andrzej Bąk, PhD (e-mail:
Jan Mamczur, PhD (e-mail: 
Tadeusz Jasiński, PhD (e-mail:


Jacek Fal,  (e-mail:
Sylwia Kudła
Martyna Sedlmayr
Julian Traciak, (e-mail:

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